Python BarCamp 2011

Yesterday, I went to the Python BarCamp. In the process, I discovered the collaboration tool etherpad, which nicely complements PasteBins (eg.,, or The session protocls have their own etherpad page.

The disscussions covered a broad range of subjects, including how to interface with modules written in C, practical hosting questions, several talks on testing, the small high-performance web server Tornado, and the latest developments in Django, now in version 1.3. Regarding Django, the speaker highlighted a number of new features which were being implemented by using mixin classes. Although some quantitative analysis would be required to really assess this development, I had some strong repercussions about the Zope2 development that eventually caused the initially painful, but highly liberating, Zope3 development.

For everyone interested, the event continues to this evening, so hurry if you haven't been there yet. You should already be in or near Cologne, though, due to the limited time remaining.