Installing Plone4 on Debian/Squeeze

After writing how to Install Plone4 on Debian/Lenny, I thought I'd follow up with an update for Debian Squeeze (please look into the upper right corner), which is what I'm currently using.

The good news: After having many software packages updated on Squeeze, You basically don't need much extra software to run Plone4. Install some required packages. using apt-get or aptitude. The following set should get you started, although it will pull in a significant number of dependencies:

# aptitude install python2.6-dev python-virtualenv python-setuptools build-essentials

After that, you simply create your virtualenv, like before:

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages vplone

and populate that:

$ source vplone/bin/activate
(vplone)$ easy_install PIL paste lxml ZopeSkel

Now you create your Plone buildout directory along the lines outlined on, but you can, of course, substitute plone4_buildout for the plone3_buildout (both should work).

I personally prefer to have a local versions.cfg, too, so I change my buildout.cfg to read eg.

extends = 

and fetch an appropriate versions.cfg from After that, you should be ready to run your buildout and get the ball rolling, like eg.

(vplone)$ buildout
... lots and lots of output clipped...

Watch out for any error messages which might be flushed out of the terminal window by the dumping of the eggs list.