Plone Setup Gotcha on Debian

I am using zc.buildout together with a virtualenv to generate my Plone instances. It turns out that Zope requires the Python Profile be installed. However, under Debian, the relevant package, python-profiler has made it to non-free instead of main, due to the licensing of that package. As a result, you only discover that testing doesn't work until Zope tries to import the profiler, and falls over.

In order to get things to run, you need to do the following:

  1. Add non-free to the set of repositories that you want to use. Eg.:

    deb stable main

    would have to become

    deb stable main non-free
  2. Run apt-get update (obviously).

  3. Now you can apt-get install python-profiler, and you should be all set.