ICS on HTC Vision (aka Desire/Z)?

It looks like several people are severely unhappy with HTC's attitude towards ICS on their Vision device - at least, I am, and so are a number of petitioners on the web site mentioned below. Unfortunately, the fine folks at Cyanogenmod don't seem to make any progress, either, but at least, petitioning could be more focussed. So let's at least unify all petitions with that concern to build enough thrust:

Can we do the math to say that there are a total of more than 4.500 users to support this issue, and that nothing is to be gained if those are all spread across different petitions?

Ok, maybe there are duplicates (likely), but I'd say that awareness really should be raised.

And FWIW, vendors who don't at least don't stand in the way of easy updates by third parties should not get further sales. Imagine you could not update your PC because the vendor locked the device down to make it (too) hard for you.